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Year End Sale Ends Soon!

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There are only four days left of our Year End Sale! For these last few days of 2013, receive 40% off all retail products including, AVEDA Hair Care, Bumble and Bumble, Dermalogica, Eminence Organics, OPI, Sebastian, and more!

year end sale

Winterize Skin as seen on Fox45 December 26, 2013

Posted 26 Dec 2013 . Filed under : Health & Wellness, Spa In The News


Did you miss the television segment on Fox45 Good Morning Baltimore? Here are the tips to help the effort in dry skin care!

**Eat a rainbow of foods, especially fruits, vegetables, nuts and fish. These are loaded with anti-oxidants and Omega 3 fats help skin stay nourished.

**Determine your dry skin cause. If your body is dry, it can be internally related.  Medicine, diuretics, or just not enough oil can be contributors. Doctor reccommended supplements can help.  If your body is not dry and your face is, check that your facial products aren’t stripping you of important emollients.

**Is your cleanser too harsh?  Skin should feel soft after washing. Creamy cleansers don’t strip skin of their natural oils are a great choice for winter.

**Turn down the shower water temperature.  Hot showers can strip skin of essential skin oils.

**Exfoliate. The winter months are a great time to aggressively address hyperpigmentation since the sun is not at its strongest.  Skin products with lightening and brightening ingredients found in exfoliants not only re-texturize skin, but also help with dark spots.

**Moisturize right after the shower. The best regimen is to pat skin dry, and then slather on a favorite cream or body oil within 3 minutes of exiting the shower.

**Lip protection is just as important in winter as summer. Cracked and broken lips are not only unsightly and painful, but they open the door to germs and possible sickness.  A favorite lip balm reapplied keeps lips soft and supple.

**Wearing sun protection including a high SPF year-round to protect skin prevents aging effects.

**Consider a humidifier.  A cool mist humidifier helps add moisture to heated rooms that are often moisture depleted.

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